Working Papers

Hébert B., Woodford M., Rational Inattention when Decisions Take Time  (Revise and Re-submit, Journal of Economic Theory. New version: October 2022)

  • This paper contains our work on rational inattention in dynamic models
  • Subsumes part of working papers “Rational Inattention with Sequential Information Sampling”, “Information Costs and Sequential Information Sampling”, and “Rational Inattention in Continuous Time”

Hébert B., La’O J., Information Acquisition, Efficiency, and Non-Fundamental Volatility (Revise and Re-submit, Journal of Political Economy. New version: August 2022)

Hébert B., Externalities as Arbitrage (Updated August 2022)

Du W., Hébert B., Li W., Intermediary Balance Sheets and the Treasury Yield Curve (New Paper, June 2022)

Hébert B., Zhong W., Engagement Maximization (New Paper, July 2022)