Katherine Casey

The Peiros Family Faculty Fellow for 2020-2021

The Kevin J. O’Donohue Family Faculty Scholar for 2019-2020


An Experiment in Candidate Selection with A.B. Kamara and N. Meriggi
American Economic Review, 2021, Vol 111(5): pp. 1575-1612
PDF | Online appendix | Data and replication files

Skill versus Voice in Local Development with R. Glennerster, E. Miguel and M. Voors
Accepted for publication, Review of Economics and Statistics
PDF | Online appendix | Data and replication files

Snap Judgments: Predicting Politician Competence from Photos 
Accepted for publication, Journal of Politics

Debates: Voting and Expenditure Responses to Political Communication with K. Bidwell and R. Glennerster
Journal of Political Economy, 2020, Vol 8, pp. 2880-2924
PDF | Online appendix | Data and Replication File

Radical Decentralization: Does Community Driven Development Work?
Annual Review of Economics, 2018, Vol 10: pp. 138-163

Reconciliation in Sierra Leone with R. Glennerster
Science (Perspectives section), 2016, Vol 352 (6287): pp. 776-767

Crossing Party Lines: The Effects of Information on Redistributive Politics
American Economic Review, 2015, Vol 105(8): pp. 2410-2448
PDF | Online appendix | Data and Replication File

Promoting Transparency in Social Science Research with E. Miguel, C. Camerer, J. Cohen, K.M. Esterling, A. Gerber, R. Glennerster, D.P. Green, G. Imbens, D. Laitin, L. Nelson,  B.A. Nosek,  M. Peterson, R. Sedlmayr, J.P. Simmons, U. Simonsohn and M. Van der Laan
Science, 2014, Vol 343(6166): pp 30-31

Reshaping Institutions: Evidence on Aid Impacts Using a Pre-Analysis Plan with R. Glennerster and E. Miguel
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2012,Vol. 127(4): pp. 1755-1812
PDF | Online Appendix | Data and Replication File

Working Papers

Long Run Effects of Aid: Forecasts and Evidence from Sierra Leone (PDF) with R. Glennerster, E. Miguel and M. Voors, revise and resubmit invited, The Economic Journal

Scaling Political Information Campaigns with R. Glennerster (coming soon)