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Corporate Governance Matters: A Closer Look at Organizational Choices and Their Consequences
(2nd edition)

David Larcker and Brian Tayan
Pearson FT Press , 2015
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This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference for implementing and sustaining superior corporate governance. Stanford corporate governance experts David Larcker and Bryan Tayan carefully synthesize current academic and professional research, summarizing what is known and unknown, and where the evidence remains inconclusive.

Corporate Governance Matters, Second Edition reviews the field’s newest research on issues including compensation, CEO labor markets, board structure, succession, risk, international governance, reporting, audit, institutional and activist investors, governance ratings, and much more. Larcker and Tayan offer models and frameworks demonstrating how the components of governance fit together, with updated examples and scenarios illustrating key points. Throughout, their balanced approach is focused strictly on two goals: to “get the story straight,” and to provide useful tools for making better, more informed decisions.

This edition presents new or expanded coverage of key issues ranging from risk management and shareholder activism to alternative corporate governance structures. It also adds new examples, scenarios, and classroom elements, making this text even more useful in academic settings. For all directors, business leaders, public policymakers, investors, stakeholders, and MBA faculty and students concerned with effective corporate governance.

bookcover a real look at real world corporate governance

A Real Look at Real World Corporate Governance

David Larcker and Brian Tayan. Edited by Michelle E. Gutman
Larcker and Tayan , 2013
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A Real Look at Real World Corporate Governance takes a practical look at issues involving the board of directors, CEO succession planning, executive compensation, and accounting and internal controls. Written in a clear and accessible style by two leading experts, this book is a must-read for executives, directors, shareholders, and anyone else interested in how companies are run and how to make them better. Each chapter examines a current and important issue, bringing together compelling research and relevant examples to understand which practices are necessary to improve corporate performance.