david larker

James Irvin Miller Professor of Accounting, Emeritus
Faculty Director, Corporate Governance Research Initiative (CGRI)
Senior Faculty of the Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford

Cases, Surveys, Quick Guides and Stanford Closer Looks

See: Corporate Governance Research Initiative

Latest Journal Publications

deHaan, Ed, David Larcker, and Charles McClure, “Long-Term Economic Consequences of Hedge Fund Activist Interventions.” Review of Accounting Studies 24 (2019): 536–69.

Jagolinzer, A.D., D.F. Larcker, G. Ormazabal, and D. J. Taylor, “Political Connections and the Informativeness of Insider Trading, ” Journal of Finance, First published 20 March 2020.

Larcker, D.F. and Edward Watts, “Where’s the Greenium?” Journal of Accounting and Economics (forthcoming).

Latest Working Papers

Larcker, D.F., P.C. Reiss, and Y. Xiao, “Corporate Governance Data Revisited,” (revised, 2018).

Kepler, J.D., Larcker, D.F., G. Ormazabal, and D.J. Taylor, “Risk–Taking Incentives in Bank Holding Companies and the Impact on the Macro-economy” (revised, 2019).

Gow, I.D., Kaplan, S.N., Larcker, D.F., and Zakolyukina, A. A., “CEO Personality and Firm Policies,” (revised, 2019).

Larcker, D.F., C. McClure, and C. Zhu, “On the Choice of Peer Groups for Assessing the Level of Chief Executive Officer Compensation,” (revised, 2019).

Gow, I.D., Larcker, D.F., and Zakolyukina, A. A., “Non-answers During Conference Calls,” (revised, 2019).