This page contains links to general course information and to material related to Susan Athey's half of the course.  


Susan Athey, Economics 243, 725-8696,  Office hours: TBA.


Liran Einav, Economics 326, 723-3704, Office hours: TBA


Kelly Carson, Economics 252

Course Description and Reading List

  • Course Description
  • Reading List

Lecture Schedule and Reading Assignments

  • Regular Meetings: T,Th 9:00-10:50 AM, Economics 218
  • Tentative Lecture Schedule
  • Reading Assignments
  • You are encouraged to participate in Industrial Organization activities: Student Workshop (Thursdays at 3:30) and Faculty Workshop (Fridays at 12 at the GSB). These activities are required of thesis-writers specializing in Industrial Organization.


Problem Sets and Solutions

  • Problem Set 1, Due October 9 in class
  • Problem Set 4, Due November 26 at 5pm to Susan Athey's mailbox

Other Handouts