My teaching is focused on the broader, external environment of business. That beyond the market environment. This includes how how to navigate politics, regulations, the media, the courts, and public opinion, and how to incorporate these tactics into an integrated business strategy.

At a practical level, this translates into two themes. The first is what we refer to as “strategy beyond the market” and is focused on these domains and questions broadly. The second is what happens when issues arise that are non-routine and with enormous time pressure—this is the domain of strategic crisis management.

I teach these topics in the GSB’s MBA program and regularly in executive education programs.

Strategy beyond markets is a first year class. I also teach two electives that extend beyond the first year class and do a deep dive into particular contexts. Both of these classes are co-taught with practitioners with deep expertise in the particular context. The first class is on the energy industry, with a focus on the electicity grid and the rising importance of renewable energy. The second focuses on cities, why they exist, what makes them thrive, and how companies, old and new, can navigate the special situations that cities give rise to.

The objective of my research and teaching is to understand these broader forces and to develop novel frameworks that allow businesses to shape their own destiny through strategy and execution “beyond the market”.

The links below provide more information about these classes, as well as the PhD classes I teach here at Stanford. If there is anything you can’t find there, or if you have any other queries, please send me an email.

Courses Taught

POLECON 531 The Future of Cities: Entrepreneurship, Policy, and Business Strategy (MBA)

POLECON 515 Energy: Innovation, Policy, and Business Strategy (MBA)

GSBGEN 575 Leadership and Crisis Management (MBA) 

POLECON 230 Strategy Beyond Markets (MBA)

POLECON 680 Foundations of Political Economy (PhD)

POLECON 670 Advanced Topics in Political Economy (PhD) (old)