I became committed to advocacy after the financial crisis of 2008,  when I observed false and misleading claims prevailing over the public interest in the debate on financial regulations.  I seek to expose the forces that can lead to financial crises, corporate scandals and the loss of trust in experts and institutions.

My areas of expertise are corporate governance and political economy, including corporate purpose, misconduct and compliance issues, disclosures, accountability, the role of investors and boards, regulations and capture, and corruption, particularly as they apply to the financial system, financial markets, banking and financial institutions and financial regulations. The Corporations and Society Initiative I started engages in rethinking corporations and capitalism.

This page provides links and materials related to my advocacy efforts divided to five types briefly explained below.

Interviews and Profiles

I received recognition for advocacy by Time Magazine and Foreign Policy Magazines in 2014. Profiles and interviews allow me to communicate my observations.

Media Coverage

Others help my advocacy when they discuss my work in their own words.

News Commentary

I am asked regularly to comment on news and I engage with media to help their coverage.


Selected Links

Excessive Leverage and Risk in Banking website

The Bankers’ New Clothes: What’s Wrong with Banking and What to Do about It - New and Expanded Edition