Professor:Susan Athey, Economics 243, 725-8696,
Office hours: By appointment.
Assistant:Kelly Carson, Economics 252

Course Description and Reading List

Description: A selection of recent topics in game theory and information economics.

Topics include: Repeated games with informational asymmetries, including applications to collusion as well as government policy games and dynamic insurance problems; Advanced topics in auction theory and mechanism design; Intrapersonal games, such as self-control problems and dynamic inconsistency; Information acquisition in decision problems, games, and mechanisms.

Course Requirements

This course is an advanced topics course aimed at students who wish to write theses in theory. As a prerequisite, students should have completed the first year of the graduate sequence in economics at the economics department. In addition, I will assume working knowledge of game theory and contract theory. You should be able to take this course at the same time as contract theory.

The class requirement is to write a survey paper and research proposal. We will discuss the format and requirements for the paper in class. The paper will be due before the end of the term.

A class presentation will also be required.

Reading List

Lecture Schedule and Reading Assignments

  • Regular Meetings: TTh 1:15-3:05 p.m., Economics 139.
  • The reading list is tentative and will be developed in response to class interest.