OIT 274: Data and Decisions - Base (Flipped Classroom)

Base Data and Decisions is a first-year MBA course in statistics and regression analysis. The course is taught using a flipped classroom model that combines extensive online materials with a lab-based classroom approach. Traditional lecture content will be learned through online videos, simulations, and exercises, while time spent in the classroom will be discussions, problem solving, or computer lab sessions. Content covered includes basic probability, sampling techniques, hypothesis testing, t-tests, linear regression, and prediction models. The group regression project is a key component of the course, and all students will learn the statistical software package R.

MGTECON 603: Econometric Methods I

This is the first course in the sequence in graduate econometrics. The course covers some of the probabilistic and statistical underpinnings of econometrics, and explores the large-sample properties of maximum likelihood estimators. You are assumed to have introductory probability and statistics and matrix theory, and to have exposure to basic real analysis. Topics covered in the course include random variables, distribution functions, functions of random variables, expectations, conditional probabilities and Bayes’ law, convergence and limit laws, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, maximum likelihood estimation, and decision theory.

OIT 644: Research in Operations, Information and Technology

This year-long course takes a hands-on approach to learning about conducting research in Operations, Information and Technology. It will cover a broad spectrum of cutting-edge research in OIT from conceiving an idea to formulating a research problem, deriving results, and publication. The topical content will be customized to the specific interests of the enrolled students, but generally will be concerned with questions of operational interest.